The Gerber Machete Uncovered

The Gerber Machete is a double-edged, long sword that is functional and easy to use. For years now, I have owned a lot of machetes from Gerber and when I saw this one from an online advertisement, I made a little research before making a purchase. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed because I’ve had a good experience with my other Gerber products.

The Features Of Gerber Machete
In a nutshell, this machete has the following:
• Double-edged Steel Blade
• No-slip Rubberized Handle
• Nylon Sheath
• Black Oxide Coating

The Gerber Machete Features In Details
This is probably the most comfortable machetes I have ever bought – the ergonomic rubberized handle is perfect. It never slips even on extreme weather conditions; too much humidity or rain doesn’t stop me from doing the chores I have to finish at home; I also found it very convenient when I went out camping one time and had to go into a very lush forest.
I also found this machete as having a very good balance. It doesn’t strain my hands and I feel a very strong control on the blade making my chores easier. It is lightweight and coupled with its ergonomic rubber handle, this tool is almost perfect.
The sheath is made of very strong nylon. It effectively serves its purpose of protecting the blade as well as for easier transport. I don’t have to worry if I tucked it on my belt because of the sturdy sheath.
It has a saw blade on one side and a fine edge on the other making it very versatile and functional.

The Misses
The saw blade may seem to be very sharp at first glance. However, its cutting teeth may look sharp but it is actually dull right out of the package. I tried using it at first but I had to put a lot of effort and strength just to cut through a limb. Sharpening did the trick, though. But as it is, the blades could use a little improvement because it is not really as sharp as other models. It is advertised to be twice as fast and as sharp as other brands but it leaves much to be desired.
Some of my friends who have tried it opine that the lack in its power could be attributed to its lightweight design.
Since this is a long bladed machete, there is a tendency for the blade to bend back when it is swung causing some injuries. Proper care and extreme caution has to be exercised when using it. I wouldn’t dare swing an 18-inch machete around! We don’t let the kids get hold of this tool because they might hurt themselves.

Misses Notwithstanding
While there might be a number of negative features this machete might have, its overall performance is still satisfactory. Not many brands have no-slip rubberized handles; some even have plastic handles; so they are not very reliable and safe compared with this one from Gerber.
There are some good points to this tool: affordable, durable, sturdy, and ergonomically-designed; now if those do not make the Gerber Machete a good buy, I don’t know what does.